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Stepping up CVA with COVID-19: Paving the way we respond to future crisis


COVID-19 has thrown the world into lockdown and taken a tremendous toll on the health, social, and economic status of vulnerable communities, households, and individuals. Limitations on daily activities and an over-arching health crisis, restrictions on movement, closures of schools and businesses have...

15 septembre 2020

Note de plaidoyer sur les impacts immédiats de la crise du COVID19 sur la sécurité alimentaire et nutritionnelle des pays d’Afrique de l’Ouest et du Centre


May 2020

Outcome Analysis: Cash transfer programming response to the Ebola crisis in Sierra Leone and Liberia


The United States Agency for International Development/Food for Peace (USAID/FFP) supported Cash Transfer Programming (CTP) response to the Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone and Liberia greatly contributed to the recovery of affected communities and households. The CTP response provided a safety net to...

April 2018

Cash Transfers for Food Security in Epidemics


The report is divided into five chapters. The introduction provides a brief overview of the study’s objectives, data collection methods and a snapshot of the context in Liberia and Sierra Leone. The second chapter describes USAID/FFP’s response to the Ebola crisis with a particular focus on CTP....

June 2017

Digital Cash Transfers in Liberia. A case study from Save the Children’s Emergency Food Security Program (2015- 2016)


Through its USAID-funded Emergency Food Security Program, Save the Children was the first organization to implement cash transfers through mobile money at scale in Liberia, where mobile money services are nascent. From liquidity management to incentivizing agents, the challenges, lessons, and...


Safe Cash Distribution in Liberia


Delivering cash to crises affected populations is much more than about meeting their ‘physical needs’. It is also about seeing the human being in its fullness and ensuring that the assistance preserves their Safety, Dignity and Integrity. We ensure that cash delivery does not increase the risks faced...

June 2015

Liberia Ebola Response


ICRCs EVD Cash response program had to be designed under a rare circumstance of insufficient baseline data on EVD impact on household level and limited opportunity to contact intended beneficiaries for a detailed assessment/ proper situational analysis.


Manuel de Bonnes Pratiques: Prevenir la Corruption dans le Cadre des Operations Humanitaires


Transparency International (TI) soutient depuis longtemps que l’impact le plus nocif de la corruption se trouve dans le détournement des ressources de base destinées aux pauvres. La corruption dans le cadre de l’aide humanitaire en est la forme la plus manifeste car elle prive les pauvres les plus...


Information and communications technology response to the Liberia ebola crisis


An information and communication technology assessment recently conducted in Liberia by NetHope and USAID addresses the potential for digital payments in the response to Ebola. The documents looks into the digital payments landscape, describing the banking sector, use of mobile money and remittance firms....


An Emergency Market Mapping and Analysis Study Liberia’s Slow Onset Crisis


In 2010, contested elections in neighbouring Côte d’Ivoire, and the violence that ensued, forced hundreds of thousands of people from their homes. As of 7th of July 2011, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) had counted a total of 153,000 refugees crossing the border into Liberia....


Cash and Child Protection: How cash transfer programming can protect children from abuse, neglect, exploitation and violence

Guidelines and Tools

This discussion paper examines the links between cash transfers and the positive and negative outcomes for children – in particular, the role cash transfers have played in protecting children from abuse, neglect, exploitation and violence. It aims to identify ways in which cash transfer activities could...


What Cash Transfer Programming can do to Protect Children from Violence, Abuse and Exploitation – Review and recommendations


This discussion paper examines the links between cash transfers and the positive and negative outcomes for children, in particular the role cash transfers have played in protecting children from harm, exploitation, abuse and violence. The objective of this paper is to identify ways in which cash transfer...


From Food Crisis to Fair Trade: Livelihoods analysis, protection and support in emergencies


This document aims to collate and analyse experiences of livelihoods programming in emergencies. It provides an overview of what livelihoods programming is and gives examples of the range of interventions that are possible in emergencies. Different types of livelihoods programmes are then described...