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Policy paper

SPACE Key considerations for monitoring shock-responsive social assistance: A guiding framework

30 juin 2021 — De Rebecca Holmes, Simon Levine and Fleur Shakespeare

This Brief presents a guiding framework with key questions and key issues to consider when monitoring Shock-responsive social protection (SRSP) to understand how the intervention contributes to broader crisis response. It’s a guiding framework that includes the key domains of coverage and effectiveness, adequacy, timeliness, predictability, cost efficiency, equity and inclusion, accountability and sustainability. The key principles underpinning the monitoring framework include: approaching monitoring is not just a data collection and reporting exercise, but rather a process of regular or ongoing analysis; disaggregating data by sex, age and disability at a minimum, and asking gender and inclusion-specific questions; coordinating across sectors, and drawing on other sources of data is essential, including from other humanitarian and development actors responding to the crisis.