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Introduction to Market based Programming in Emergency Wash

22 juillet 2020 — De PRO-WASH, The CALP Network, WASH Cluster

In May-June 2020, PRO-WASH, the Global WASH Cluster and the CALP Network co-organized a webinar series on Introduction to Market Based Programming (MBP) in Emergency WASH. Recordings and powerpoint presentations from this series are available on the FSN Network in English, Spanish, French, and Arabic. The objective of this introductory webinar series was to provide an overview of core concepts and examples of how MBP can support WASH outcomes particularly in humanitarian settings. This includes using market analyses to improve the effectiveness of WASH interventions, adjusting the amount included for WASH in multipurpose cash due to increased needs for hygiene practices during COVID-19, and ensuring monitoring of both markets and the key WASH indicators when using market-based approaches.