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Les dernières analyses et opinions d'experts sur les transferts monétaires (TM) et autres sujets relatifs.

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Cash recipient from Merc Corps PRIME programme engaged in farming

Pathways from CVA to long term financial inclusion: A framework for success

Blog Post

CVA programs can provide a springboard to financial inclusion. But spotting the right opportunity, and good programme design, are key. GSMA and Mercy Corps share a simple tool to understand which contexts offer the best pathways from CVA to financial inclusion.

11 novembre 2021

Turning the page on traditional learning: Why the CALP Network’s new online course is so exciting

Blog Post

The CALP Network is entering a new era of inclusive online learning, and there are lots of reasons to get excited about it.

7 octobre 2021

A camp in Taiz governorate, Yemen

Mapping Financial Service Providers for CVA: Read this before you start!

Blog Post

Sharing the secrets to a successful FSP mapping exercise in Yemen.

29 septembre 2021

Moving the dial on participation via CVA

Blog Post

In search of ideas to improve participation? Here are four positive approaches drawn from a variety of Cash and Voucher Assistance (CVA) programmes.

23 septembre 2021

If you’ve never been on the receiving end of aid, you are lucky. But, if one day, you are in that position – ask yourself – do you want other people making choices about what you eat and how you spend your money?

Being on the receiving end: Why vouchers lack dignity and are bad value

Blog Post

Innocent Tshilombo, who spent 10 years at Kakuma refugee camp in Kenya, describes how attaching conditions to cash and voucher assistance can seriously impact its effectiveness.

22 septembre 2021

Quand on est du côté de ceux qui reçoivent : pourquoi les coupons manquent de dignité et ne sont pas qualitatifs

Blog Post

Innocent Tshilombo, qui a passé 10 ans dans le camp de réfugiés de Kakuma, au Kenya, décrit comment subordonner des conditions aux transferts monétaires peut sérieusement affecter leur efficacité.

22 septembre 2021

Estar en el extremo receptor: ¿Por qué los cupones carecen de dignidad y tienen un valor deficiente?

Blog Post

Innocent Tshilombo, quien pasó 10 años en el campo de refugiados de Kakuma en Kenia, describe cómo la imposición de condiciones a las transferencias monetarias puede afectar seriamente su eficacia.

22 septembre 2021

أن تكون بين صفوف المستفيدين: لماذا تفتقر القسائم لحفظ الكرامة والقيمة؟

Blog Post

إينوسنت تشيلومبو، الذي قضى 10 سنوات في مخيم كاكوما للاجئين في كينيا، يصف الآثار الخطيرة لربط مساعدات النقد والقسائم بشروط معينة على فعاليتها.

22 septembre 2021

WFP Cash Based Transfers programme in Haiti

Getting CVA right in the Humanitarian Response Plan: Blind Spots and Considerations

Blog Post

How can you ensure that Cash and Voucher Assistance (CVA) is adequately and coherently integrated into humanitarian response plans (HRP)? Recent changes to the Humanitarian Programme Cycle (HPC) certainly provide more opportunities to do this. Read on for some great ideas and practical steps for covering...

16 septembre 2021

Refugee checking money received during a cash distribution

Screening recipients of humanitarian cash and voucher assistance: necessary precaution or wasted resources?

Blog Post

Is screening the recipients of humanitarian cash and voucher assistance an effective way to mitigate against the perceived diversion risk that cash represents? If yes, how? If not, why are conversations growing on the topic? In a recent report for Oxfam and Bond, Nina Newhouse & colleagues from the London...

14 juillet 2021