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Les dernières analyses et opinions d'experts sur les transferts monétaires (TM) et autres sujets relatifs.

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CVA & COVID-19: Adapting Delivery Mechanisms

Blog Post

As field practitioners adapt their programmes to COVID-19, colleagues across our membership and Cash Working Groups are identifying multiple challenges. CaLP is working with others to develop a series of short, field-focused recommendations for such practitioners. The purpose of this series is to share...

8 juin 2020

So COVID-19, there’s an app for that…

Blog Post

In an earlier blog we explored the implications of COVID-19 adaptations in CVA response on an individuals’ right to privacy. We also argued that data portability in CVA could be explored as part of an opportunity to build back better. In this guest blog from Alesh Brown, founder at, we...

2 juin 2020

La région des Caraïbes est prête pour les transferts monétaires, mais est-ce le cas des acteurs et actrices humanitaires ?

Blog Post

La saison des ouragans dans l’Atlantique (Caraïbes) commence aujourd’hui, alors que nous faisons toujours face à la crise sans précédent du COVID-19. Lors du lancement de la note d’information « Un vent de changement » du CaLP sur l’utilisation des transferts monétaires dans les...

1 juin 2020

CVA response – COVID-19, privacy, carrots and open banking

Blog Post

Since the onset of COVID-19 pandemic, there has been heightened interest in the use of technology for humanitarian assistance provision, both to help fight the spread of the pandemic through a plethora of tracing apps, and to help reach people who have been worst hit economically with remote registration...

26 mai 2020

COVID-19, sanctions, counterterrorist financing and CVA

Blog Post

Are anti-money laundering, counter-terrorist financing or know your customer requirements hampering your ability to reach vulnerable communities during the COVID-19 pandemic? This is what we know so far. Do you have examples which can be used to influence policy? The COVID-19 pandemic has brought with it...

18 mai 2020

Le lien entre la protection sociale et les transferts monétaires humanitaires

Blog Post

L’utilité de la protection sociale pour les personnes ayant fait face à des chocs n’a jamais été aussi claire et évidente que lors de la crise actuelle de la COVID-19. Ces problématiques se développent sous nos yeux, alors que les gouvernements, les bailleurs et les organisations humanitaires...

15 mai 2020

The $90Bn Question: Can we reach 700 million people in response to COVID-19?

Blog Post

As COVID-19 impacts on the health, livelihoods and wellbeing of people around the world, governments and societies are faced with impossible choices. The impacts on the world’s most vulnerable are starting to bite, with an estimated 130 million additional people facing acute food insecurity by the end...

5 mai 2020

COVID-19 and Cash Transfers in MENA: What’s Possible?

Blog Post

Some of the most complex and protracted humanitarian crises in the world are in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. These crises were already suffering from funding shortfalls and worsening vulnerabilities. Now, like the rest of the world, people in MENA – both host and refugee/displaced...

3 mai 2020

Why is tracking CVA considered a challenge, and will applying minimum requirements help to make progress?

Blog Post

How much humanitarian aid is delivered as cash and voucher assistance (CVA)? An innocent enough enquiry, which may not have quite opened Pandora’s box, but has released a few cans of worms. This is a very technical topic and has a lot to do with the complexities and limitations of organizational and...

23 avril 2020

CaLP lance un forum de discussion en espagnol


Nous avons le plaisir de vous annoncer que le CaLP a lancé un forum de discussion en espagnol sur la plateforme D-groups dans le but de mettre à disposition un espace collaboratif pour la communauté de pratique du secteur des transferts monétaires (TM). CaLP a connu un réel succès avec ces forums de...