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Groupe consultatif technique

The TAG helps shape and steer the CALP Network’s technical and policy priorities within the overall strategic vision for the network. All TAG Representatives are from CALP member organisations or are independent members of CALP. The TAG:

  • Proposes, leads and supports thematic areas of work across the network, supported by working groups.
  • Reviews and/or endorses key technical and policy outputs from network members, ensuring complementarities with related member initiatives.
  • Identifies key issues where collective action and advocacy across the network is needed, and supports this.
  • Act as champions for the CALP Network, helping to connect members, disseminate work and create opportunities for engagement.

The TAG is comprised of between 20 and 30 individual Representatives (Reps).

For more information on the TAG please contact Rose Smith, CALP’s Membership Coordinator at or consult the TAG Terms of Reference.

Applications to join the TAG are currently closed.

Observer Seats on the TAG 

The TAG Terms of Reference (TORs) have recently been updated, with the backing of the CALP Board. One of the outcomes was to launch Observer Seats.

The Observer Seats will allow members to gain insights into how the TAG works and what it does, particularly for those who would potentially like to be more involved but want to know more first. Observer Seats enable members to sample the TAG without the formal TAG application process and need to meet all of the criteria. Observers will be able to attend a TAG meeting as a “fly on the wall” and engage with the current TAG.

The Observer Seats are intended for:

Member organisations who:

  • are not currently represented on the TAG, or;
  • are under-represented compared to their numbers in CALP’s network, for example, national NGOs.

And/or individuals (who work for a member organisation, or are independent members) who:

  • may not meet the full TAG criteria in terms of technical experience,
  • are at the beginning of their career/ new to the sector.

If you are interested or know someone who would like to attend a TAG meeting as an Observer, please reach out to Rose Smith, Membership Coordinator, at

Observer Seats will be open indefinitely, so check the events section of the CALP Network website for the next upcoming TAG meeting dates.

Adva Rodogovsky

Senior Programmes Officer

CBM Global Disability Inclusion (CBMG)

Amos Doornbos

Disaster Management Strategy & Systems Director

World Vision International

Annika Sjoberg

Senior Cash Officer

United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)

Caroline Holt

Director of Disasters, Climate and Crises

International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC)

Chris Paci

Global Cash and Markets Assessment Specialist

IMPACT Initiatives

Ciara O’ Malley

Global Cash Advisor


Dada Luke 

Livelihoods and Resilience Adviser


Dina Morad

Senior Cash Advisor


Edward Fraser

Global Economic Recovery Adviser – CVA Lead

Danish Refugee Council

Etienne Juvanon Du Vachat

Cash and Voucher Programming Team Coordinator

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)

Helene Julliard

Key Aid Consulting co-founder

Key Aid Consulting

Jenny Weatherall

Cash and Markets Technical Advisor

Catholic Relief Services (CRS)

John Lamm

Acting Markets Team Leader

Bureau for Humanitarian Assistance (BHA), U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID)

Juliet Lang

Humanitarian Affairs Officer – Cash Coordination


Lili Mohiddin

Regional cash and market adviser


Louisa Seferis
Louisa Seferis

Humanitarian Consultant

Mary Cox

Client Operations Manager


Osama Abbad

Social Policy Officer– Humanitarian Cash Transfer Programme


Sawsan Issa

Regional Humanitarian Advisor – Arab Region

ActionAid International

Simon Reed

Deputy Director

IrisGuard UK Ltd

Shreeju Shrestha

Cash and Markets Adviser

Oxfam - Global Humanitarian Team