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Southern Africa Regional Cash Working Group Meeting

4 July 2024


Theme: Applications of Lessons Learnt on CVA Response to the Ongoing Drought in Southern Africa

The drought currently impacting Southern Africa has exacerbated vulnerabilities and heightened the need for effective, timely, and coordinated humanitarian responses. During this meeting, participants will explore how lessons learnt from previous CVA responses can be applied to address the pressing needs of affected populations more effectively.

Discussions and presentations will cover a range of topics, including:
1. Impact of drought on supply chains and consequent price hikes
2. Anticipatory Actions – lessons learnt applicable to current crisis
3. Disaster Risk Financing– sharing of experiences

This meeting aims to bring together key stakeholders, including humanitarian organizations, government representatives, and financial service providers, to share and discuss valuable insights and experiences from recent CVA interventions. By applying lessons learnt from past CVA interventions, the CWG aims to improve the delivery and impact of humanitarian assistance, ensuring that aid reaches those who need it most efficiently and effectively.