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The State of the World's Cash 2023

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REACH Market Assessment Toolbox Training

7 November 2023


Fee: Free

Organisation: REACH

Language: English, Dari and Pashto

Link to application

Application deadline: 31 October 2023

REACH Initiative welcomes you to express your interest in participating in the Market Assessment Training jointly organized by REACH and CVWG. The objective of the training is to build the CVWG partner’s capacity to use the standardized Market Assessment tool jointly developed by REACH and CVWG. It is a two-day training, where you will be introduced to 1) the Rapid Market Assessment (RMA) tool, 2) the Market Assessment after Natural Disaster (MAND) tool, 3) the Indicators Bank, 4) the Analytical Framework for RMA, and 5) Excel-based Automated Analysis System for MAND. From your participation in the training, we expect to develop your capacity in using the RMA and MAND tools for data collection using digital platforms like KOBO and being able to clean and analyze data.


The State of the World's Cash 2023

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