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Mongolia Cash Working Group Learning Event

7-14 June 2024

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Please note that this is a six-day face-to face dovetailed event, which intends to gather those involved in CVA programming in Mongolia and are members of the Cash Working Group (CWG). It will take place in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.

The deadline for registration/application is at 11:59pm, 28th April 2024, Mongolia time.

With the intention to gather the learnings and reflection from the ongoing dzud early action and response, the regional CWG, Mongolia CWG, and CALP Network, felt the need to gather humanitarian agencies involved in CVA programming for a learning event.

To achieve this, the CWG and CALP Network will organize a six-day learning event, with two-pronged approaches: (1) Lessons learned workshop, and (2) Capacity-support through a training. The Mongolia CWG will lead the learning workshop to review, learn, and plan based on its dzud anticipatory action and responses (one day). CALP Network will deliver the Core CVA Skills for Programme Staff training (five days). CALP will commission a certified trainer to lead the training with the support of two (2) co-facilitators. The lead trainer will also co-facilitate and document the learning workshop.

Below are the specific objectives of this approach:

CVA Lessons Learned Workshop

By the end of this workshop, the CWG members have:

  1. Identified and synthesized the enabling factors and challenges that impeded the delivery of CVA during the 2024 dzud response.
  2. Agreed on plans to address the priority issues affecting planning and delivery, and coordination.

Core CVA Skills for Programme Staff Training

This course is structured around the project cycle and covers all the key skills required to design, implement and monitor cash and voucher assistance. The course is focused on a technical/programmatic perspective and incorporates examples and case studies from multiple sectors. Therefore, this course is for programme staff responsible for designing, implementing, and monitoring cash and voucher programmes.

Course Aim

To develop the knowledge, skills, and confidence of humanitarian practitioners for cash and voucher assistance (CVA) technical design and quality.

Course Objectives

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  1. Discuss the opportunities and challenges to delivering high quality CVA as part of humanitarian response.
  2. Use various assessments, including market assessment tools, to inform CVA appropriateness.
  3. Analyse assessment data to choose modality, delivery mechanism and transfer value.
  4. Ensure accountability towards affected populations during the CVA design and implementation process.
  5. Incorporate CVA and markets in monitoring frameworks.
  6. Identify best practices for CVA quality and sustainability.
  7. Navigate the existing tools, guidance, cases studies and research documents to find the most relevant and up-to-date information on CVA-related themes.

Target Participants

The lessons learned workshop and the CVA training invites practitioners that are involved in the CVA programming in Mongolia. The event is most suited to people with the following profile.

  • Must be involved in designing, implementing, or monitoring CVA programs within local non-government organizations (NGO), community-based organizations (CBO), United Nations agency, international NGO, or government sectors.
  • Willingness to contribute in discussions to highlight the strengths and areas for improvements in using CVA as a modality during the previous and current dzud early action and response and contribute to cash preparedness actions.
  • Preference for those with experience in CVA programming.
  • With a commitment to apply the training insights in their organization’s work and willingness to participate in follow-up activities.
  • Can speak and understand English, as it is the medium of instruction.

Participation Fee

The Mongolia Cash Working Group, CALP Network, and FAO alongside with the Mongolia Red Cross Society and World Vision Mongolia, will be able to offer the event with no registration fee for all participants. However, the participants are expected to cover the transportation cost, meals outside event hours, and accommodation expenses.

Who to contact?

If you have any questions about the training please contact: and


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