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Inclusive social security: exploring economic constraints and possibilities

8 February 2022

Online: 12-13:30 UK time, Tuesday 8 February

Join the Inclusive Social Security Policy Forum (ISSPF) in the MENA region for a webinar on inclusive social security.

About this event

This event, Inclusive social security: exploring economic and fiscal constraints and possibilities, will strengthen knowledge on inclusive social security in the MENA region.

Our panel discussion, followed by a Q&A, will focus on International Financial Institutions’ (IFIs) influence on inclusive social security in the region, the impact of inclusive social security on growth and building fiscal space for inclusive social security.

Register via the link above to participate in the event online. The event will be conducted in English and Arabic.

About the organisers

The Inclusive Social Security Policy Forum (ISSPF), funded by the Ford Foundation, is focused on building knowledge and capacity on inclusive social security in the MENA region.

With its focus on applied policy solutions in social security, the ISSPF supports broader efforts in the region aimed at opening dialogue around the linkages between social policies and the overarching objectives of peace, security, economic development and democracy.

Across the MENA region, social insurance schemes tend to provide support solely to those in the formal economy, while the rest of the population is only offered poor quality programmes for “the poor”. There is a dire need to shift the narrative on delivering social protection in the region by moving away from the prevailing old-fashioned poor relief model and towards a modern, inclusive, social security model.

Development Pathways, together with the Centre for Social Sciences Research & Action in Lebanon, the Arab Renaissance for Democracy and Development in Jordan and l’Observatoire Tunisien de l’Economie in Tunisia, are the leading partners in the Forum.