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Webinar series. Humanitarian cash and Covid-19: Lessons for the future

Reflections from a panel of experts. They explored the impacts of the pandemic on programming and how we can build on the learning and innovations of the past two years.

17 May-15 June 2022


Necessity is the mother of invention. During two years of the pandemic, Cash and Voucher Assistance (CVA), has proved to be a flexible and effective mode of assistance, lending itself to remote delivery and supporting recipients to meet varied needs. As organisations raced to adapt, CVA was scaled up or adjusted, new ways of working were developed and multiple new tools and guidance were swiftly produced. The crisis also highlighted the importance of linkages between social protection and humanitarian cash and drove efforts to find more effective ways of working together and enabling better coverage of those in need. 

This story is documented in the 2021 paper published in the ODI Disaster’s journal ‘The use of cash assistance in the Covid-19 humanitarian response: accelerating trends and missed opportunities’. This paper crowdsourced information from across the CALP Network and paints a thorough and fascinating picture of the use of CVA during the first year of the pandemic. 

However, it’s now time to pause, consider both the short- and longer-term impacts of Covid-19 on CVA, and ask ourselves ‘What did we learn’? How can we carry this knowledge forward? How can we build on the creativity of the past two and a half years and continue innovating? 

In a series of 2 webinars, experts have shared their ‘lessons for the future’ in three key areas: 

  • Digitalisation & remote programming – 19 April
  • Linkages with social protection systems – 17 May

See recordings below for insights about what should happen next, which key trends are here to stay, and which are likely to be short-lived.

You’ll gain fresh perspectives and ideas and feel excited about applying new tools and approaches. 

Event 1/2: Digitalisation and remote programming 

When: 19 April at UTC 12.30 
Chatted with:

Webinar recording

Event 2/2: Linkages with social protection systems 

When: 17 May at UTC 12.30

Chatting with:


Webinar recording