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The Crisis in the Sahel – Special Feature


The special feature of this issue of Humanitarian Exchange focuses on the humanitarian crisis in the Sahel region of Africa, where aid agencies estimate that more than 18 million people are affected by food insecurity. In response to this crisis, cash and vouchers programming has been largely used. In...

September 2012

How Effective are Cash Transfer Programmes at Improving Nutritional Status?


Cash transfer programmes are a widely applied social protection scheme that has achieved successes in fighting poverty worldwide. A large literature has sprung up around these programmes, yet the relationship between cash transfer programmes and the nutritional status of recipient children is unclear. Can...

July 2012

Women’s WASH Platforms in Bangladesh and Cambodia


Oxfam’s multi-country portfolio is located in more than 100 remote rural communities in six countries and is funded by AusAID’s Civil Society Organisation WASH Fund. The water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) projects in Bangladesh and Cambodia deliver multiple outcomes including improving water and...


Natural Disasters: What is the role for social safety nets?

Policy paper

This paper makes the case for why safety nets are an important tool for managing the risk of natural hazards. The use of safety nets is advocated both ex ante, to prevent and mitigate the impact of natural disaster and ex post, to cope with the impacts of natural shocks. Firstly, the paper explores the...

February 2011

Revitalising communities with cash grants


This case study gives an overview of the Red Crescent’s response programme in Bangladesh following the devastation caused by Hurricane Sidr in 2007. Part of the overall programme was the livelihoods programme, which helped community members to re-establish their livelihoods. The programme focussed on...


Rebuilding lives with shelter grants


Bangladesh following the devastation caused by Hurricane Sidr in 2007. Part of the overall programme was the shelter programme, which provided community members with the funds, skills and tools they needed to replace or repair their damaged homes. Dependent on the damage to the homes, households were...


IFRC and the evolution of CTP


An IFRC presentation covering the following topics: IFRC and the evolution of CTP Institutional commitment and organisational learning Working in Partnership with the CALP Network Moving forward


Cash transfers: Lump Sums


This briefing is one of a series of six produced as an output from a three year ODI research study on cash transfers and their role in social protection. The study explores issues of interest to donors and governments, comparing cash with other forms of transfer, identifying where cash transfers are...