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Reporte del Estado Global de los Programas de Transferencias Monetarias 2023

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Policy on Cash-Based Interventions


UNHCR’s Policy on Cash-Based Interventions (CBIs) is introduced herewith to expand and systematise the use of CBIs as a modality of assistance and service delivery across the organization and its operations worldwide. The Policy reconfirms UNHCR’s commitment to the increased use of CBIs and sets out...


A Review of UNICEF’s Role in Cash Transfers to Emergency Affected Populations


This paper is part of an ongoing process exploring UNICEF’s engagement with cash-based responses in emergencies. The main aim of the paper is to stimulate discussion on the potential role of cash transfers within UNICEF’s response to emergencies.

20 abril 2015

Building Communities: A holistic approach to relocation and livelihoods: housing, cash grants, and community projects


This case study looks at the Spanish Red Cross’ housing reconstruction programme which took place between 2007-09 in Sri Lanka, following the devastating Tsunami. In addition to housing this intervention had two main approaches: household level grants for re-starting, supporting the strengthening or...


Construyendo Comunidades: Apoyo integral a las familias realojadas y sus comunidades de acojida: vivienda, apoyo para mejorar los medios de vida y proyectos comunitarios


Este estudio de caso analiza el programa de la Cruz Roja Española de reconstrucción de viviendas que tuvo lugar entre 2007-09 en Sri Lanka, tras el devastador tsunami. Además de albergar esta intervención tuvo dos enfoques principales: subvenciones a nivel de hogar para volver a iniciar, apoyar el...


Enterprise Recovery Following Natural Disasters


Using data from surveys of enterprises in Sri Lanka after the December 2004  tsunami, the authors undertake a microeconomic study of the recovery of the private firms in a developing country following a major natural disaster. Disaster recovery in low-income countries is characterized by the...


From Food Crisis to Fair Trade: Livelihoods analysis, protection and support in emergencies


This document aims to collate and analyse experiences of livelihoods programming in emergencies. It provides an overview of what livelihoods programming is and gives examples of the range of interventions that are possible in emergencies. Different types of livelihoods programmes are then described...


Reporte del Estado Global de los Programas de Transferencias Monetarias 2023

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