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PTM y COVID-19: recursos, directrices, eventos y preguntas

Esperamos que se encuentren bien en estos momentos de incertidumbre. Según sigue avanzando la pandemia del COVID-19 en todo el planeta, las comunidades de todo el mundo se verán afectadas de una manera u otra, ya sea directamente por el virus, o por sus consecuencias económicas o de otra índole.

A lo largo de la red de la CALP Network se ha debatido mucho sobre las implicaciones de la pandemia en los programas de transferencias monetarias (PTM) y en el trabajo de los miembros de la CALP.

Directrices y recursos


Últimos recursos

Mercy Corps Tipsheet: COVID-19 and CVA

Guidelines and Tools

This tipsheet serves as guidance to help field teams think through different ways to mitigate the spread and impact of Covid-19 through ongoing cash and voucher assistance (CVA), inform the adaption of CVA programming in the context of Covid-19, and promote sensitivity to changing market dynamics and...

17 marzo 2020

The Potential Mortality Effects of Physical Currency

Policy paper

The extent to which banknotes may or may not play a direct role in ‘the chain of communicable disease transmission’ has been questioned during the Covid-19 response. Whether they do or they don’t is perhaps less relevant than the belief among ‘at risk’ populations that they do. And this belief...

2 marzo 2020

Plan International: COVID-19 Adaptations to Cash and Voucher Assistance (CVA) Interventions

Guidelines and Tools

The aim of this technical guidance is to support the team in designing and implementing Cash & Voucher Assistance (CVA) programmes in both development and humanitarian settings to adapt interventions in response to the Covid19 outbreak, in order to:
1. Support adequate prevention and response to Covid19,...

March 2020