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Asia y el Pacífico

Actualmente, CaLP no dispone de una oficina en Asia pero está explorando oportunidades para reabrir una oficina en la región. Mientras tanto, CaLP continua llevando a cabo formaciones y otros eventos de aprendizaje aprovechando las habilidades y la experiencia de los miembros del equipo alrededor del mundo.

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Evaluacion Rapida De Necesidades De Plan International Herramienta De Entrevista Con Informantes Claves (EIC)

Guía y herramientas

Rapid Need Assessment tool available in Spanish

23 julio 2021

Herramienta Para Las Entrevistas A Personas Beneficiarias

Guía y herramientas

Beneficiary exit interview in Spanish language

23 julio 2021

Herramienta práctica para la evaluación de Proveedores de Servicios Financieros (PSF) Descripción

Guía y herramientas

FSP assessment checklist in Spanish

23 julio 2021

Evaluación de mercados (observación y encuesta a comerciantes)

Guía y herramientas

Market assessment tool in Spanish

23 julio 2021

Digital CVA solutions: Using technology in Cash and Voucher Assistance

Guidelines and Tools

This document was prepared by Plan International by the Digital and Innovation Team in collaboration with the Cash and Voucher Assistance (CVA) Program Community of Practice. The document aims to provide a basic concept on different types of electronic payment systems, and the biometrics that are in...

23 julio 2021

Core CVA Skills for programme staff

CaLP Online: Core CVA Skills for Programme Staff Course


Do you aim to continually develop your professional skills around Cash and Voucher Assistance (CVA)? CaLP's NEW online course will strengthen your CVA expertise and your ability to design and implement high-quality programming.

21 julio 2021 / English / 3. Application

Refugee checking money received during a cash distribution

Screening recipients of humanitarian cash and voucher assistance: necessary precaution or wasted resources?

Blog Post

Is screening the recipients of humanitarian cash and voucher assistance an effective way to mitigate against the perceived diversion risk that cash represents? If yes, how? If not, why are conversations growing on the topic? In a recent report for Oxfam and Bond, Nina Newhouse & colleagues from the London...

14 julio 2021

CVA, the Environment, and Climate Change in Humanitarian Response


Listen to the webinar recording here The global impacts of climate change and environmental degradation are real and pose a huge immediate and long-term threat.  Multiple ongoing and complex crises underline the fact that climate change is, and will likely remain, the main challenge confronting the...

13 julio 2021 / English

Plan International’s Commitment for Cash and Voucher Assistance

Policy paper

This paper explains Plan International’s approach to deal with Cash and Voucher Assistance (CVA) to benefit the country offices and national offices in raising funds for the cause and building collaborative relationships with peer agencies. It serves as a reference document for all the associates of...

13 julio 2021

Acta de Reunión Regional de Líderes de Grupos de Transferencias Monetarias en América Latina y el Caribe


13 julio 2021