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CVA and COVID-19

Credit: Columbia University in the City of New York

We hope that you are all staying well in these uncertain times. As COVID-19 continues to spread around the world, it seems every community will be touched in some way – whether directly by the virus or by the economic and other impacts it is having.

There has been a significant amount of discussion across the CALP Network on what the pandemic means for the use of CVA and for the operations of CALP members.

Guidance and resources

  • The CALP Network live COVID and CVA guidance (available in Arabic, French, Spanish), which summarizes key points from guidance across the different actors of the network and is updated regularly.
  • Collection of resources (full list to consult), learning and questions here, thank you for continuing to share!
  • Other useful resources and links here below.



Main image credit: Columbia University in the City of New York


SPACE What are future financing options for shock responsive social protection? (Summary Brief)

Policy paper

This paper, and the longer Technical Primer that accompanies it, are designed to inform discussions around financing shock-responsive social protection (SRSP). It starts by clarifying terms and providing a framing to guide approaches to SRSP financing. It then provides a high-level overview of current and...

31 May 2021

SPACE Gender and Social Protection in the COVID-19 Economic Recovery: Opportunities and Challenges

Policy paper

This paper analyses the potential contribution of social protection to a gender-transformative economic recovery over the medium term, defined as running from the present to the end of 2022. It builds on the existing Social Protection Approaches to COVID-19 Expert (SPACE) advice publication; SPACE Social...

31 May 2021

Social protection and climate change: scaling up ambition

Policy paper

Social protection can be a strategic tool for climate risk management and provides an important answer to the current calls for climate action and for increased resilience as we recover from COVID-19. The Paris Agreement demands rapid action to keep the average temperature from rising above 1.5 degrees,...

31 May 2021

What are future financing options for shock responsive social protection? A technical primer

Guidelines and Tools

This paper aims to advance these discussions in a number of ways. As ‘financing for SRSP’ is understood differently by different people, it starts by providing greater clarity on what this term constitutes, and its relation to disaster risk finance. It acknowledges the broad potential remit of...

31 May 2021

SPACE Social protection and climate change: scaling up ambition (Summary Brief)

Policy paper

Climate change, once perceived as a long-term environmental issue, is now an immediate threat to safety and prosperity, especially for the most vulnerable people that are hit hardest by increasing weather extremes. The impacts cannot be managed just by reducing greenhouse gas emissions or by small tweaks...

31 May 2021

Minding the (financial and digital) gap! – How informal social safety nets leverage digital & cash enablers in COVID-19 pandemic


Minding the (financial and digital) gap! – How informal social safety nets leverage digital & cash enablers in COVID-19 pandemic: In every context, strengthening the links between cash transfers, savings groups and digitisation contributes to resilient recovery from COVID-19. Representatives of...

17 May 2021

Cash and Voucher Programming in COVID-19, Lessons Learnt from Asia Pacific


COVID-19 has left an indelible adverse impact on all aspects of life not just health but also on livelihood, food security, protection, and many others. After the WHO declared a global pandemic in March 2020, World Vision mindfully scaled up its response to support most vulnerable households through...

12 May 2021

Transfer Values: How Much Is Enough? Balancing social protection and humanitarian considerations

Policy paper

This Operational Guidance paper follows on from two blogs published by SPACE on the subject of transfer values across the social protection and humanitarian nexus (here and here). This note dives even deeper into the topic, highlighting some key elements that could be considered when setting transfer...

30 April 2021

Rapid Market Assessment and Price Monitoring Report – Huehuetenango Department Guatemala


Methodology: This rapid assessment of markets and prices was based on an adapted version of the IFRC’s Rapid Assessment for Markets, elements of the EMMA toolkit’s market system approach and the consortium of NGO’s price monitoring format. The methodology was chosen to give a basic and rapid...

21 April 2021