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Disability Inclusive CVA

The Disability Inclusive CVA e-learning which we developed in collaboration with CBM Global and the support of the African Disability Forum. This course will introduce you to disability inclusive Cash and Voucher Assistance and is designed for those who are involved in the management, design and implementation of CVA programs.

1 July 2024


This course will provide you with a range of practical entry points for ensuring disability inclusion in CVA. After this course, you will be able to run CVA programmes respecting the rights of persons with disabilities. The curriculum is based on the synthesis of learning on good practices, published by CBM Global in 2021, and latest findings on disability inclusion. Devided into 4 modules, the course covers key disability-inclusion topics such as data disaggregation through the Washington Group Questions (WGQ), managing disability-related extra costs, engaging with Organizations of Persons with Disabilities (OPDs) and ensuring the accessibility of service delivery.

This course also provides partial International Sign translation and full closed captioning for enhanced accessibility.