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The State of the World's Cash 2023

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A Practical Guide to Market Analysis in Humanitarian response

A three to four hour online course designed to provide future humanitarian market assessment team members with a solid understanding of theory and steps of market assessments so that they can join assessment teams prepared with a basic understanding of what they will be doing and why.

27 January 2020


Learners will develop a good conceptual understanding of the steps involved in market assessments and basic skills in how to apply this understanding in real-life settings.

This course is relevant to most types of emergency market assessment, including EMMA, RAM, MAG, the 48-Hour Tool, the WFP VAM and PCMA.

It is comprised of five units, which can be completed separately as your time allows:

  • Unit 1: Which market analysis tool do I use?
  • Unit 2: Preparing to do a market analysis
  • Unit 3: Mapping the market system
  • Unit 4: Analysing the market information
  • Unit 5: Response options analysis


This course is available in English, French and Arabic.


The State of the World's Cash 2023

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