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The CALP Network provides capacity building, technical and coordination support to strengthen the community of practice in North America, Latin America and the Caribbean. The CALP Network office in the Americas is located in Washington, D.C. and Bogota, Colombia.


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Annex. Technical Guidance for National Platforms- Cash and Voucher Assistance

Guidelines and Tools

The objective of this guide is to orient the reflection on the role of the Cash Working Groups (CWG) in the 2021
Response Strategy Planning process for Refugees and Migrants from Venezuela. It is a living document that will be
nurtured by the experiences and exercises of the 17 countries and the regional...

17 August 2020

Responding to the COVID-19 Crisis: Linking humanitarian Cash and Social Protection in practise


This paper seeks to demonstrate practical ways in which NGOs are linking their humanitarian work to social protection and the added importance of this in the context of COVID-19, following from the earlier work of CCD outlining the role of NGOs to
improve the access to and delivery of social protection in...

27 July 2020

Webinar: Lecciones aprendidas en la provisión de transferencias monetarias en Colombia y Ecuador en respuesta a la crisis de Venezuela


Nos complace invitarle a asistir al webinar para el lanzamiento del resumen ejecutivo del informe de hallazgos sobre el análisis de las lecciones aprendidas en la provisión de transferencias monetarias en Colombia y Ecuador en respuesta a la crisis de Venezuela. Este evento es organizado conjuntamente...

24 July 2020 / Español

The Provision of Cash and Voucher Assistance in the Response to the Venezuela Refugee and Migrant Crisis: Findings and lessons learned, Executive summary


This study, for which data was compiled between March and April 2020, seeks to document lessons and good practices in the delivery of CVA in Ecuador and Colombia by humanitarian organisations and governments, in response to migrants and refugees from Venezuela. The purpose of this analysis is...

23 July 2020

Presentation for the CALP Network’s webinar on remote registration and verification in the COVID-19 response


Watch the webinar recording here Speaker presentations from the CALP Network’s 14 July 2020 webinar on: Peril or pitfalls?: Emerging practices on remote registration and verification in the COVID-19 response Remote CVA programming has been highlighted as a key challenge for the community of practice in...

16 July 2020

Collaborative Cash Delivery Network – Grand Bargain – Collaboration Agreement Accomplishments 2020


The Collaborative Cash Delivery (CCD) Network is pleased to present its achievements against the commitments made by our global members’ CEOs at the 2019 Grand Bargain Summit as part of our global collaboration agreement. We know we are better together, and in this time of increasing pressure on the...

24 June 2020

MPCA ‘Plus’ assistance to people on the move: the case of Venezuelans in Peru


Watch the video here This video documents the MPCA ‘Plus’ program implemented by Save the Children Peru in response to the Venezuelan crisis, and more specifically highlights the provision of assistance to families on the move, or ‘transiting’ through Peru. Beneficiaries were identified throughout...

15 June 2020

Migrating with dignity: MPCA to Venezuelan families in Peru


Watch the video here In 2018, with the support of OFDA and FFP, Save the Children implemented a multi-purpose cash transfer ‘Plus’ program in response to the influx of Venezuelan into Peru. The program aimed at covering vulnerable household’s basic needs and prevent them from resorting to negative...

15 June 2020

Systematization document regional learning event: Linking cash and voucher assistance with social protection systems


The purpose of this document is to systematize the process of organizing the Regional Learning Event on “Linking Cash and Voucher Assistance with Social Protection Systems”, convened by REDLAC and the Regional Cash Working Group -R4V for May 20th, 2021.
The Grand Bargain’s Working Cash Workstream,...

11 June 2020