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Middle East and North Africa

CaLP provides coordination, technical and policy support for organizations implementing or considering cash and voucher assistance region. CaLP’s regional office is at Oxfam International, Amman, Jordan.

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Annex 1: Multi-Sector Market Assessment (MSMA)


The Multi-Sector Market Assessment (MSMA) Annex is designed to help practitioners examine whether an affected target population can fairly and equitably access the expected amount of goods and services in
order to meet the objectives of the Multipurpose Cash Grant (MPG) programme. The aim of the MSMA is...


The Voucher programme in the Gaza Strip – Mid-term review


The WFP voucher project is part of the emergency operation (EMOP 10817.0) to assist the recovery of the population affected by the conflict in Gaza Strip. WFP emergency operation has the following objectives: Meet urgent needs and improve the food consumption for conflict-affected people targeted...


From Food Crisis to Fair Trade: Livelihoods analysis, protection and support in emergencies


This document aims to collate and analyse experiences of livelihoods programming in emergencies. It provides an overview of what livelihoods programming is and gives examples of the range of interventions that are possible in emergencies. Different types of livelihoods programmes are then described...


Strategies for Development in Conflict Affected Countries in the ESCWA Region: The role of the state and private sector


This study on private sector resilience in conflict-affected countries in the ESCWA region is part of a series of publications, which examines mechanisms and policies for development in spite of conflict. The studies include policy recommendations that are aimed at enhancing the capacity of policymakers...