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MENA Based Communities of Practice (CoPs)

The MENA-based Communities of Practice (CoPs) bring together organisations across the Middle East and North Africa to tackle specific challenges in Cash and Voucher Assistance (CVA) for humanitarian contexts. These open groups act as collaborative spaces, fostering knowledge sharing and learning. The CoPs also identify opportunities for joint research on CVA best practices and develop tools and resources, working together to improve the effectiveness of CVA. Their work feeds into a wider Regional CVA Technical Forum, ensuring their discussions and progress on key topics inform broader regional efforts.


The overall objective of the CoPs is to regularly bring together MENA practitioners and provide them with a platform to discuss recent technical developments, identify opportunities for joint research, share learning, and support the development of tools and guidance notes. 


  • The Locally-Led Response and CVA CoP aims to create a safe space for humanitarian actors in the MENA region to discuss core aspects of localization, equitable partnerships, challenges encountered, and lessons learned.
  • The CoP of Linking CVA with Social Protection is a space for practitioners to discuss, learn and share ideas to advance collectively on this key topic in the MENA region. 
  • The multi-purpose cash assistance (MPCA) design COP is an informal group that brings together cash practitioners and supporters in the MENA and Europe regions. While there is a growing body of evidence of its benefits, MPCA requires new ways of collaborating between humanitarian actors at all stages of the programme cycle and across sectors. The CoP provides a safe space for knowledge exchange, learning, capacity building, and advocacy, with the aim of contributing to more relevant, effective, efficient, and accountable MPCA programmes. 


Meetings are typically held in English, with the locally-led responses and CVA CoP incorporating some Arabic sessions throughout the year.

Who should join

The groups are open to all MENA-based CVA practitioners.  

How to join

If you’re interested in any of the groups, please fill out the form below to be added to the mailing list and invited to upcoming meetings.  


Group Leads

MPCA Design 

Lead: Chiara Genovese




Co-lead: Wael Darwish


Locally Lead Response and CVA 

Lead: Alessia Volpe




Co-Lead: Sameha Abuejhain 

Linking Social Protection and CVA 

Lead: Mireia Termes



Co-lead: Annette Savoca 


Focal Point

For any inquiries or questions, contact