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East and Southern Africa Cash Working Groups


The chair of the Ethiopia Cash Working Group is Jennie Aberg, and co-chairs are Nurhussen Feki, and Maqsood Akram,


The co-chairs of the Kenya Cash Working Group are James Oduor, and Fredrick Mbok,


The government co-leads are Bruno Emmanuel Randriaharihaja, and Solofonirina Landry. The co-chairs are Elena Celada, and Solofonirina Claudia Rakotoarison,

East Africa Regional Cash Working Group

The Chair is Sapenzie Ojiambo, The two Co-Chairs are Sahara Ibrahim, and Hiba AbouSwaid,


The co-chairs of the Somalia Cash Working Group are Mary Karanja, and Kaitlyn Scott,

South Sudan

The co-chairs of the South Sudan Cash Working Group are Ali Mansoor,, Afsar Khan,  Aikins Macbansah, and Bernard Lukwiya,


The co-chair of the Sudan Cash Working Group is Yasmine Bannaga  (


The co-chairs of the Uganda Cash Working Group are Stephan Deutscher,  Helene Smith and Jamal Abu Musa,


The co-chair of the Malawi Cash Working Group is Kennedy Nyirenda


The co-chairs of the Zimbabwe Cash Working Group are Debbie Gourlay, and Abel Whande,