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Cash Working Groups

A directory of cash working groups from around the globe organised by region.

A Cash Working Group (or Basic Needs Working Group in some responses) is a forum which facilitates the coordination of cash and voucher assistance within a humanitarian response. Functions of Cash Working Groups (CWGs) can include coordinating on issues such as transfer values, targeting, delivery mechanisms, MEB development, and harmonizing tools and guidance.  CWGs might be established at both national and regional levels depending on the scope and scale of a response.

Cash Working Group – Regional/Global Focus

Asia-Pacific Regional Cash Working Group

The Asia-Pacific Regional Cash Working Group is supported by a co-chairing arrangement between WFP, IFRC and OCHA.

Contact information

Daniel Gilman

Mulugeta HANDINO

Additional information

East Africa Regional Cash Working Group

The Chair is Sapenzie Ojiambo, The two Co-Chairs are Sahara Ibrahim, and Hiba AbouSwaid,

Global Cash Working Group

The Global Cash Working Group (GCWG) is a platform for actors to collaborate and address key issues related to cash and voucher assistance (CVA). The GCWG seeks to link global cash initiatives and actors more systematically with evidence from and best practice in the field and the broader humanitarian system.

The group seeks to add value by: 

  • Providing a centralized point for sharing learning, best practice and key challenges among national and regional cash working groups on operations (tools, best practices, guidance), opportunities for engagement (cash studies, innovative approaches, etc.) and linkages to global policy. The GCWG is open to all interested organisations engaged in CVA. 
  • Facilitating information sharing among the broad group on: cash policy, knowledge (training opportunities, new and planned research) and information (mapping of CWGs, upcoming global meetings); and 


The Global Cash Working Group was originally formed in 2013 as the Geneva Based CWG, facilitated by the CALP Network and ICRC, providing a forum for CVA practitioners in Geneva to meet and share learning.  The group evolved over time and in 2020, started to morph and the meetings began to be developed for and led by members of Cash Working Groups from around the world. By January 2021 the Terms of Reference were reviewed, and the group was officially renamed the Global Cash Working Group and nominations were opened for co-leadership from Cash Working Group Leads. In order to reflect a more inclusive and representative arrangement, two co-chairs from response-level Cash Working Groups were added to the leadership. The CALP Network and OCHA continue co-chair this group, along with the Uganda Cash Working Group lead in 2021.

Principles and approach 

The Global Cash Working Group will be: 

  • Focused on sharing learning and best practice on priority issues, promoting dialogue between global, regional and national levels, and on supporting positive progress on effective, efficient and accountable CVA;  
  • Proactively inclusive to ensure the group continues to represent the growing group of stakeholders; and  
  • Supportive, with a goal to provide added value to the humanitarian community and share information to improve the effectiveness of CVA implementation. 

For more information about the GCWG, and to be added to the mailing list, please contact Lynn Yoshikawa at   

US & Canada

Holly Radice,

Steering Committee Members:

Tenzin Manell,

Benjamin Phillips,

Qundeel Khattak,

Darin Ottenhoff,

Cash Working Group – Country Focus

Afghanistan Cash Working Group

Contact information

Mulugeta Handino, World Food Programme

Additional information

Bangladesh Cash Working Group

Contact information

Atwar Rahman, Emergency Food Security & Vulnerable Livelihoods Coordinator, Oxfam Bangladesh

Additional information


Central African Republic


Democratic Republic of the Congo


Paul de Carvalho-Pointillart

Jenifer Price

More information on the Cash Working Groups in DRC can be found on Humanitarian Response

Dominican Republic*


Egypt Basic Needs Working Group

CWG Lead: Alma Dozic


Click the link below for more information

El Salvador

Henry Montano, Lead:

Cristina Galvez, Lead:

Cristina Palacios, Co-lead:

Brenda Liliana de Cid, Co-lead:



The chair of the Ethiopia Cash Working Group is Jennie Aberg, and co-chairs are Nurhussen Feki, and Maqsood Akram,

Gaza Cash Working Group

CWG Lead:Jan H. van Zoelen Cortes


Click the link below for more information

Greece Cash Working Group

Click the link below for more information


Oscar Portillo, Co-lead:

Claudia Torres, Co-lead:

Indonesia Cash Working Group

Contact information

Iraq Cash Working Group

CWG Lead: Mireia Termes

CWG Co-Lead: Majid Shah

Click the link below for more information

Jordan BNWG and CCF

Common Cash Facility Co-chair: Heba Azaizeh

Basic Needs Working Group Co-chair: Veena Krishnamoorthy

Click the link below for more information


The co-chairs of the Kenya Cash Working Group are James Oduor, and Fredrick Mbok,

Laos Cash Working Group

Contact information

Dale Wilson

Lebanon Basic Assistance Working Group

CWG Lead: Ruba Cheaib


Click the link below for more information

Libya Cash Working Group

CWG Lead: Mauro Clerici

Libya Cash Working Group is based in Tunisia.

Click the link below for more information


The government co-leads are Bruno Emmanuel Randriaharihaja, and Solofonirina Landry. The co-chairs are Elena Celada, and Solofonirina Claudia Rakotoarison,


The co-chair of the Malawi Cash Working Group is Kennedy Nyirenda



Serge Beremwoudougou

Moulaye Hassen Zeidane

Saidounourou Barry


Adrienne Alberti, Co-lead:

Morgane Bellion, Co-lead:


The co-chairs are Chiara Dara, WFP, (and Sanna Juntunen, WFP,, until August 2021) and Angelo Pontes, World Vision,

Myanmar Cash Working Group

Contact information

Thinthin Aye

Marc Geschwend

Pakistan Cash Working Group

WFP and FAO co-lead the Pakistan CWG since its establishment along with support from a co-opted co-chair.

Contact information

Habib Wardag, Assistant Food Security Cluster Coordinator (CWG), United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization Pakistan

Hassan Raza

Saad Hafeez

Additional information

Philippines Cash Working Group


Yara Romariz Maasri, Co-lead:

Henry Flores, Co-lead:



The co-chairs of the Somalia Cash Working Group are Mary Karanja, and Francesca Sangiorgi .

South Sudan

The coordinator of the South Sudan Cash Working Group is Ali Mansoor,, the co-leads are

Asar UL Haq  Email:

David Thomas Email:


The co-chair of the Sudan Cash Working Group is Yasmine Bannaga  (

Syria Cash Working Group

Syria – Whole of Syria

CWG Advisor: Fe Kagahastian

Syria – Damascus based

CWG Lead: Mohamad MARJI

CWG Co-Lead:Johannes Sahmland Bowling

CWG Advisor: Mareike Tobiasen

Syria – NWS

CWG Lead: Bindal Guner



Click the link below for more information

Turkey Basic Needs Working Group

CWG Lead: Ahmet Unver


Click the link below for more information


The co-chairs of the Uganda Cash Working Group are Stephan Deutscher,  Helene Smith and Jamal Abu Musa,

Vietnam Cash Working Group

Contact information

Van Nguyen

Thaianh Nguyen

Yemen Cash Working Group

CWG Advisor: Rabeea Ahmed

CWG Co-Lead: Abdulrazzaq Saleh

Click the link below for more information


The co-chairs of the Zimbabwe Cash Working Group are Debbie Gourlay, and Abel Whande,