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CaLP provides capacity building, technical and coordination support to strengthen the community of practice in North America, Latin America and the Caribbean. The CaLP Americas office is located in Washington, DC and has a presence in Panama City, Panama.


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Impact Evaluation of Cash, Food Vouchers, and Food Transfers among Colombian Refugees and Poor Ecuadorians in Carchi and Sucumbíos


This report is the final impact evaluation of the World Food Programme’s Food, Cash, and Voucher intervention and contains analysis on outcomes including food security, social capital, anemia, and gender issues. Due to the targeting of Colombian refuges and poor Ecuadorians in Northern Ecuador, it also...


The Haiti Earthquake: An Urban Solution


This case study looks at the Oxfam economic and livelihood recovery programme following the devastating earthquake in early 2010. A range of cash transfer programming was implemented after a detailed assessment was carried out. The report goes through the assessment stages, details the programme...


CCT Programmes and Women’s Empowerment in Peru, Bolivia and Ecuador


Latin America’s efforts to alleviate poverty have resulted in reducing poverty in twelve countries, most strikingly in Mexico and Brazil. The adoption of Cash Transfer programmes in much of the region is credited with helping to bring this reduction about. These programmes are widely promoted as a cost...


From Food Crisis to Fair Trade: Livelihoods analysis, protection and support in emergencies


This document aims to collate and analyse experiences of livelihoods programming in emergencies. It provides an overview of what livelihoods programming is and gives examples of the range of interventions that are possible in emergencies. Different types of livelihoods programmes are then described...


Value Chain Tools for Market Integrated Relief Haiti’s Construction Sector


This case study seeks to apply and document the use of the value chain approach to channel infrastructure program design from direct implementation to a market-integrated relief model. The market-integrated relief approach addresses the needs of crisis-affected populations by working through local...


Cash Transfers in Emergencies: Evaluating Benefits and Assessing Risks


In terms of both theory and practice, there appears to be a strong case for cash-based responses to food emergencies where the supply and market conditions are appropriate. Amartya Sen’s work on entitlements offers a solid theoretical base for cash transfers, and the practical experience so far, limited...