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Building Individual Expertise Programme

This 1-year programme supports individuals working in cash and voucher assistance (CVA) through a range of capacity building activities, including training, job placement and mentoring.

A limited number of practitioners will aim to go beyond the standard training programme or will turn to the CALP Network with an existing level of expertise that surpasses our standard content. Such individuals will be striving to ensure that their skills respond to the growing demand for experts in CVA across all functions necessary to the accountable delivery of CVA.

This initiative will outline a pathway delivered through the standard training package, but will offer a more intensive series of capacity building sessions, as well as additional peer-to-peer support, mentoring and placements (when funding permits).

Two cohorts have completed the Building Individual Expertise Programme (BIEP) in West and Central Africa. There are plans to implement the BIEP in the Middle East and North Africa region in 2020.