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نتائج 41 من 50 – 99

Recommended transfer values for Cash and Vouchers Assistance in the 2019 drought response


This brief provides an updated set of regional recommended transfer values based on the March 2019 MEB (the most updated MEB at the time of writing) and serves to provide guidance to the cash and voucher component of the 2019 drought response. The recommendations are directed at transfers for IPC phases 3...

May 2019

Protecting Nutrition of Pregnant and Lactating Women and Children in Acute Food Crises


This briefing sheet provides an overview of methods and findings from a study examing the impact of cash and voucher assistance on prevention of acute malnutrition among pregnant and lactating women and children in the context of the 2017/18 Somalia food crisis. Changes in diet and acute malnutrition were...

26 أكتوبر 2018

Somalia Donor Working Group (DWG) – Safety Net Terms of Reference (ToR)

Guidelines and Tools

Large scale cash and voucher transfers have formed the basis of the humanitarian response to the 2016-18 drought (and threat of famine) in Somalia and successfully so. While sporadic small scale cash transfer projects in the past lacked coordination and coherence, this time a great deal of effort has been...


Cash and Markets Monthly Dashboard DRAFT April 2017

Guidelines and Tools

• The cash and markets, monthly dashboard presents current data on market prices of key commodities and the cost of the minimum expenditure basked (MEB) across Somalia. In addition, it also provides key highlights relevant to cash and market interventions.
• Page one presents the cost of the food MEB...

April 2017

Cash and Education in Somalia, Somalia Education Cluster (October 2017) – CTP in the education response


Two-page briefing on cash and education in Somalia


Risk-verse to Risk-willing: Learning from the 2011 Somalia Cash Response


In 201  the humanitarian community faced a difficult question. Could large-scale cash transfers provide an effective alternative to food aid delivery in South Central Somalia to avert a famine? Ultimately, between August 2011 and May 2012, more than 81 million US dollars in the form of unconditional cash...

8 يوليو 2016

Final Report for Assessment of the Impact of Cash For Work Beneficiaries training for Phases IIB and IV


Phases IIB and IV of the Cash For Work (CFW) project were implemented by FAO Somalia over the period 2013-2015 and aimed at enhancing access to food by the food insecure households in the short-term, while supporting restoration of food production through the rehabilitation/construction of productive...