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Market Information Framework (Arabic)

2018 — بواسطة Emily Sloane

The Market Information Framework aims to clearly spell out the most common questions related to humanitarian programming for which market information is needed and to indicate what types of market-related data are needed to answer each of these questions. It explains why various types of market information are relevant and points users towards specific tools that will help them to gather each type of market information. This is a revised version of the initial draft of the framework which was circulated in May 2017.

The framework is mainly intended for use by field-focused humanitarian staff, such as program managers/coordinators, technical advisors and others who may be responsible for conducting market analysis in emergency contexts. It can help practitioners to
• define the objectives/scope of a market assessment; understand which tools are most appropriate for a specific objective
• design or refine assessment questionnaires
• and analyze market-related data.

On a smaller scale, this framework can help support technical market specialists to design further guidance/tools for humanitarian market analysis, by offering a comprehensive picture of the kinds of questions and data that should be considered.