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Courtney Brown is the CEO of RedRose, a humanitarian tech company focusing on the use of digital money and its applications.  Prior to RedRose, Courtney worked with USAID in humanitarian assistance (Office of Foreign Disaster Assistance (OFDA)) and stabilization programming (Office of Transition Initiatives (OTI)) for 11 years.  While at OFDA, Brown served as the Economic Recovery and Market Systems (ERMS) technical advisor, which serviced all cash programming.  At OTI, Brown served as the Syria Country Representative (2013-17).  He was the Global Director for Humanitarian Assistance at CHF International (now Global Communities).  Brown has worked on the frontlines of large humanitarian responses in Syria, Yemen, Afghanistan, Haiti, West Africa, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Iraq, Bangladesh, Burma, Japan and Pakistan.  Seeing the impact of cash programming on needy families , Brown has grown to become a strong proponent of market-based programming and remains committed to supporting its intelligent expansion.