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المساعدات النقدية 101: شرح المساعدات النقدية والقسائم

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سُكنَة فاتي مباكي

مساعدة إدارية- دليل السياسات والتعلم

الموقع: السنغال

Sokhna has over 6 years of experience in the administrative field, but CALP is her first experience in the Humanitarian sector. Prior to CALP, Sokhna worked as a Preschool Principle, an Executive Assistant, a Data Analyst in the private sector and as an Intake Specialist at the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination. Sokhna holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Management and Information System from Suffolk University Boston, she speaks French, English and Wolof (her native language). Sokhna is currently residing in Dakar, Senegal, where she’s from. 


المساعدات النقدية 101: شرح المساعدات النقدية والقسائم

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