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غرب ووسط أفريقيا

CaLP supports actors working in cash and voucher assistance (CVA) in West and Central Africa. The CaLP secretariat supporting this region are based in the Action Against Hunger office in Dakar, Sénégal. CaLP provides support for CVA coordination, capacity building and knowledge management & research.

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Webinar sobre Género, Programas de Transferencias Monetarias y COVID-19


Jueves, 4 de junio 2:30-4pm (hora de Ciudad de Panamá/Bogotá) Nos complace invitarle a asistir a un webinar sobre el tema de género y los programas de transferencias monetarias (PTM) en el contexto de COVID-19 organizado conjuntamente por CaLP, WFP, CARE International, ONU Mujeres, CashCap y OCHA, por...

4 يونيو 2020 / English

3rd Webinar of the Cash Hub series on “Adapting to COVID-19, The Use of Cash & Markets in the Red Cross Red Crescent Movement”

Members event

3 يونيو 2020 / English

ورقة نصائح تنسيق النقد

إرشادات وأدوات

تحدد هذه الورقة الإرشادية أفضل الممارسات المعمول بها، والتوجيهات والموارد الرئيسية لجميع جوانب التنسيق النقدي، والمقصود منها أن تكون دليلاً واضحًا ومتاحًا وموجهًا...

2 يونيو 2020

So COVID-19, there’s an app for that…

Blog Post

In an earlier blog we explored the implications of COVID-19 adaptations in CVA response on an individuals’ right to privacy. We also argued that data portability in CVA could be explored as part of an opportunity to build back better. In this guest blog from Alesh Brown, founder at, we...

2 يونيو 2020

Community Cash – Consultancy opportunity

Member job

A working group under the CaLP Technical Advisory Group (TAG)  has be established to manage the process towards creating  a wider understanding amongst humanitarian actors of how cash to communities can be used as a method to reach vulnerable populations. We have identified 4 challenges we would like a...

الموعد النهائي لتقديم الطلبات:16 يونيو 2020

مقدمة إلى تصميم البرامج القائمة على الأسس السوقية في مجالي المياه والإصحاح البيئي في حالات الطوارىء

ندوة عبر الإنتنرنت

1 يونيو 2020 / Online / العربية

The Caribbean is ‘cash ready’ – but are humanitarian actors?

Blog Post

The Caribbean Atlantic hurricane season starts today, amidst the unprecedented COVID-19 response. At the launch of CaLP’s “Winds of Change” briefing note on the use of CVA in the Caribbean, Ms. Andria Grosvenor, Acting Deputy Executive Director of the Caribbean Disaster Emergency Management Agency...

1 يونيو 2020



Paynovate s.a. is a fully licensed e-money institution, regulated by the National Bank of Belgium, with Passporting right to all EEA countries. We have launched Unity Card with the aim to provide the technical assistance to deploy CVA programmes for all relief work.

COVID-19 Pandemic Cash and Voucher Assistance for Protection Considerations – Arabic

Guideline and tools

his guidance on Cash and Voucher Assistance (CVA) for Protection Outcomes during the COVID-19 pandemic has been prepared with input from members of the GPC Task Team on Cash for Protection. It is intended as a quick reference tool to support CVA and protection colleagues working directly with displaced...

1 يونيو 2020

Protocol for the Prevention and Control of Infections in the Context of the COVID19 Pandemic

Guidelines and Tools

28 مايو 2020