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شرق وجنوب أفريقيا

تدعم شبكة CALP التنسيق وتوفر التدريب والدعم الفني للأعضاء والمنظمات الأخرى التي تنفذ أو تفكر في المساعدة النقدية والقسائم في شرق وجنوب إفريقيا. يوجد المكتب الإقليمي لشبكة CALP في المجلس النرويجي للاجئين في نيروبي ، كينيا.

نتائج 3921 من 3930 – 4288

Multi-Cluster/Sector Initial Rapid Assessment (MIRA)


The immediate aftermath of a sudden-onset disaster is a critical period of time when the humanitarian and donor communities need to make key decisions on how to best support the affected country or region and its populations. However, during that brief period, limited comprehensive information on the...

March 2012

Unconditional Cash Grants for Relief and Recovery in Rizal and Laguna, The Philippines (Post-Typhoon Ketsana)


In response to rapid onset flooding in Laguna and Rizal provinces in the Philippines, Oxfam International implemented a Cash Transfer Programme (CTP) in three phases: 1) Unconditional cash transfers for individuals to provide for basic needs; 2) Conditional cash transfers for individuals resuming income...

31 يناير 2012

ICT/mobile Phone Technology: A shift in the right direction

Blog Post

Thirteen African nations came together for the AgriKnowledge Share Fair in Addis Ababa at the end of October 2012 to learn about approaches for quicker and more efficient humanitarian response. Government representatives, researchers, UN agencies and NGOs gathered for a three day symposium on best...

11 يناير 2012

Child Safeguarding in Cash Transfer Programming Tool

Guidelines and Tools

It is important to recognise that Cash Transfers present increased and specific risks for beneficiaries versus other forms of emergency assistance. Given children’s greater vulnerability, the impact of CTP on their wellbeing must be considered at all stages of the project cycle. This tool provides...


Unconditional cash transfers in Gaza: an external review


This is a review of small pilot project, which targets extremely vulnerable households with monthly unconditional cash transfers for a limited period. The target population is  made up of two groups, one group already receiving  assistance through a voucher from WFP but still showing poor food diversity...


Standards and Practices Report for Electronic and Mobile Payments


The benefits of new electronic and mobile payment methods in support of USAID objectives to better serve the unbanked have been well-documented in other literature, 2 and that case will not be reiterated in this report. A practical strategy for evaluating an individual program or Mission environment for...


What Cash Transfer Programming can do to Protect Children – Discussion Paper


This discussion paper examines the links between cash transfers and the positive and negative outcomes for children, in particular the role cash transfers have played in protecting children from harm, exploitation, abuse and violence. The objective of this paper is to identify ways in which cash transfer...