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تعمل شبكة CALP على إعادة فتح مكتب رسميًا في منطقة آسيا والمحيط الهادئ. في غضون ذلك، يواصل موظفو شبكة CALP والشركاء بتقديم بعض فعاليات التدريب والتعلم في المنطقة.

نتائج 3671 من 3680 – 4042

How Effective are Cash Transfer Programmes at Improving Nutritional Status?


Cash transfer programmes are a widely applied social protection scheme that has achieved successes in fighting poverty worldwide. A large literature has sprung up around these programmes, yet the relationship between cash transfer programmes and the nutritional status of recipient children is unclear. Can...

July 2012

Oxfam GB Emergency Food Security and Livelihoods Urban Programme Evaluation


The global urban population is now larger than the rural population. While rural areas in general remain worse off than urban areas, the number of people in urban poverty is growing fast, and urban dwellers are vulnerable to significant disasters. Development and humanitarian agencies are therefore...

17 مايو 2012

Review of emergency cash coordination mechanisms in the Horn of Africa: Kenya and Somalia


In response to the drought and famine in the Horn of Africa in 2011, cash transfer programming (CTP) has been used extensively as a modality to meet humanitarian needs. Partly because the conditions permitted it (functioning markets, cash economies and delivery mechanisms), and partly because delivering...

May 2012

Impacts of Food Vouchers on Local Markets: Reflections from CRS’ experience in Niger


In mid 2010, CRS-Niger designed and carried out a food voucher program to assist the most needy one-third of households in the departments of Ouallam and Tillabéri due to the poor harvest in 2009 (CRS, 2010). The ADVANCE project was implemented in collaboration with a local NGO partner Association pour...

May 2012

Multi-Cluster/Sector Initial Rapid Assessment (MIRA)


The immediate aftermath of a sudden-onset disaster is a critical period of time when the humanitarian and donor communities need to make key decisions on how to best support the affected country or region and its populations. However, during that brief period, limited comprehensive information on the...

March 2012

Unconditional Cash Grants for Relief and Recovery in Rizal and Laguna, The Philippines (Post-Typhoon Ketsana)


In response to rapid onset flooding in Laguna and Rizal provinces in the Philippines, Oxfam International implemented a Cash Transfer Programme (CTP) in three phases: 1) Unconditional cash transfers for individuals to provide for basic needs; 2) Conditional cash transfers for individuals resuming income...

31 يناير 2012

ICT/mobile Phone Technology: A shift in the right direction

Blog Post

Thirteen African nations came together for the AgriKnowledge Share Fair in Addis Ababa at the end of October 2012 to learn about approaches for quicker and more efficient humanitarian response. Government representatives, researchers, UN agencies and NGOs gathered for a three day symposium on best...

11 يناير 2012

ACF Cash-based Interventions 2003-2011 (poster)


A one-pager / poster showing ACF’s cash-based interventions between 2003-2011, showing source of funding and type of intervention.


Maximizing the Value of "Cash for Work": Lessons from a Niger land recuperation project


The good practices in this publication were distilled from a Real Time Evaluation (RTE) of an emergency project in Niger, implemented by Catholic Relief Services (CRS) and financed by OFDA that is using cash for work and seed fairs to addres food insecurity in the departments of Ouallam and...