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المساعدات النقدية 101: شرح المساعدات النقدية والقسائم

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المدونات والتسجيلات

أحدث وجهات النظر والتحليلات من الخبراء في المساعدات النقدية وقسائم والمواضيع ذات الصلة.

جميع المدونات

نتائج 141 من 146 – 146

UNICEF’s Alternative Responses for Communities in Crisis (ARCC) programme – The largest Humanitarian Multi-Purpose Unconditional Cash Transfer Program in the DRC

Blog Post

Cash-based Response programs have a long standing history as part of humanitarian response in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Gabriele Erba provides an insight into the ARCC programme and its operational research component looking into the consequence of using different delivery mechanisms and of...

9 يوليو 2015

Oxfam inDadaga Village, Ouallum Province, Niger

Protection in Cash Based Interventions – Interviews with Richard Nunn and Lou Lasap

Blog Post

As part of an ECHO-funded Enhanced Response Capacity grant, UNHCR in partnership with WFP, Oxfam GB and the Cash Learning Partnership held an inter-agency workshop on cash and protection in Nairobi on the 10-12th March. The workshop brought together cash and protection practitioners to reflect upon...

17 يونيو 2015

Cash Transfer and Community Resilience Programming in South Central Somalia

Blog Post

The Building Resilience in Central Somalia (BRCiS) attempts to provide immediate humanitarian assistance as well as developing longer term local capacity through a combination of locally adapted cash-for-work and unconditional cash transfers.

10 أكتوبر 2014

Cash Transfers: Progress made but challenges remain

Blog Post

In five years cash programming has come from almost nowhere to being – for some donors at least – the preferred option, especially in the field of food and nutrition. “We no long measure food aid contributions in wheat/tons equivalent,” says Julia Stewart-David of the EU aid body, ECHO. “That...

2 يونيو 2014

ICT/mobile Phone Technology: A shift in the right direction

Blog Post

Thirteen African nations came together for the AgriKnowledge Share Fair in Addis Ababa at the end of October 2012 to learn about approaches for quicker and more efficient humanitarian response. Government representatives, researchers, UN agencies and NGOs gathered for a three day symposium on best...

11 يناير 2012

Reconnecting Zimbabweans to financial services through cash transfers

Blog Post

During 2008/9 the use of cash based responses to humanitarian crises in Zimbabwe was hindered by the severe economic crisis and hyperinflation the country experienced. However the transfer to a multi-currency system in 2009, based mainly on the US Dollar and South African Rand, enabled aid organisations...

19 أغسطس 2011

المساعدات النقدية 101: شرح المساعدات النقدية والقسائم

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