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The State of the World's Cash 2023

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What We Do

The potential of cash and voucher assistance (CVA) cannot be realized by organizations working alone. Since our founding in 2005, the CALP Network has been at the forefront of promoting and improving CVA across the humanitarian sector.

The CALP Network enables collaboration between organizations to increase the scale and quality of CVA, while also supporting them to make their own progress. We do this by bringing organizations together to strengthen capacity, knowledge, coordination and policy for CVA.

Capacity Building

Through our capacity building activities, CALP aims to provide the humanitarian community with the skills needed to deliver quality CVA. The CALP Network provides opportunities for individuals to build knowledge and expertise and works with humanitarian organisations to promote innovation and good practice in CVA. This is delivered via standard training activities, specialized workshops and self-directed capacity building opportunities.

Visit our Capacity Building pages for more information.

CALP membership event in Dakar, Senegal, 2016.


CALP is committed to improving the quality of CVA coordination in humanitarian response by: gathering and sharing experience and best practice between cash coordination actors; supporting policy changes to improve the predictability and quality of cash coordination; working with mandated actors to develop guidance to support coordination; working with clusters to embed CVA in their coordination mechanisms; and developing the capacity of relevant actors. To achieve the above, the CALP Network provides support to coordination mechanisms at national, regional and global levels.

Knowledge management and research

The CALP Network is a forum for those working in CVA to share knowledge and learning. With the support of the Technical Advisory Group, CALP brings together knowledge and research and contributes to the growing evidence base on how best to achieve scale and quality in CVA within the humanitarian sector.

For more information on the CALP Network’s current research priorities, see our thematic pages.


The CALP Network aims to promote a policy environment which supports effective, efficient and accountable CVA as part of overall humanitarian response, in which policy decisions are driven by evidence about what works and what crisis-affected people need and prefer. CALP convenes and conducts independent analysis of key debates and helps identify the common ground that enables progress. CALP also works to ensure that diverse voices are heard in key debates, from across our membership. The CALP Network helps its members to understand and navigate the future of financial assistance and prepare for the opportunities and challenges this presents. In addition to working with individual organisations, we support key policy processes including the Grand Bargain cash workstream.

The State of the World's Cash 2023

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