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Apply to become a member

This page contains information about CALP membership and the application process, including membership fees. The CALP Network accepts new member applications on an ongoing basis. New members are accepted upon approval from the Board.

About membership

CALP membership is a demonstrable commitment to advancing CVA and best practice across the sector.

The CALP Network is a dynamic global network of over 90 organisations engaged in the critical areas of policy, practice and research in humanitarian cash and voucher assistance (CVA) and financial assistance more broadly. Collectively, CALP members deliver the vast majority of humanitarian CVA worldwide.

A Strategic Review of the CALP Network in 2014 recommended that, in order to be more representative and to have greater leverage and influence, the CALP Network should expand its membership to include a diverse range of members with experience in CVA. The CALP Network thus opened up its Membership in 2015.

Between 2015 and 2020 the CALP Network’s membership increased from five founding members to over 90 today (October 2021). The CALP Network is governed by its members, with governance decisions taken by the Board and Technical Advisory Group who all drawn from the membership.

Our latest strategy “Increasing Impact through Collective Actionsets out the vision and direction for the CALP Network and outlines the high-level strategic and operational steps needed to bring about positive change within humanitarian CVA.

Before you apply

The CALP Network invites membership applications from interested parties including NGOs, donors, UN agencies, academic institutions, private sector actors, independent experts, humanitarian networks, inter-agency initiatives and National Disaster Management Authorities.

All applicants should familiarise themselves with the:

  1. Membership Terms (which will require signature upon a successful application)
  2. Membership Statement (including the benefits and responsibilities of being a CALP member and the membership fee structure)

Organisations should especially note that being a CALP member carries the following responsibilities:

  1. Identify a named Membership Focal Point to be responsible for membership administration, and to foster communication between the CALP Network team and staff in your organisation.
  2. Ensure that your Chief Executive and senior managers are committed to your organisation’s membership of the CALP Network, and that country teams are aware of the benefits and responsibilities.
  3. Follow the Membership Terms and pay the annual membership fee on time.

How to apply

Please complete and return the Membership Application Form to Rose Smith, CALP’s Membership Coordinator, at

Application process

We will acknowledge receipt of the application form within 1 week.

We will review the application and undertake necessary evaluations and assessments. We may request applicants to submit additional documentation as necessary, for example, proof of current legal registration, proof of social corporate responsibility/humanitarian principles or equivalent, most recent organisational annual report, including audit information.

Applications will be reviewed by the CALP Board at the next meeting, which take place quarterly. Board meeting dates are listed here.

Membership fees

Members are required to make an annual contribution related to the size of their annual turnover as per below table.

Membership fees currently comprise approximately 10% of the team’s annual budget. They provide crucial flexible funding for our core activities, while also allowing us to leverage grants from major donors. The CALP Network would not be financially viable without annual membership fees. The CALP Network operates on a tight budget, overseen on behalf of members by the Board.

CALP Membership Annual Financial Contribution in GBP
Tier Annual membership contribution (GBP) Based on estimated annual turnover (GBP)
1 10,000 Above 150 million GBP
2 5,000 50-150 million GBP
3 2,500 25-50 million GBP
4 1,000 10-25 million GBP
5 500 5-10 million GBP
6 200 1-5 million GBP
7 100 Below 1 million GBP

The CALP Network operates a common membership year for all members (April to March), with annual fees pro rata according to when a member joins, and how much time remains in the first membership year. Invoices for membership fees are issued by in February each year, for payment in March.

Members join on the basis that they are committing to membership for a period of at least 3 years, and that membership will renew on a rolling, annual basis.